' We are all waiting for something special We are all waiting for something new '

Founded on the believe that our world is on the eve of major change a group of young artists collaborated in the creation of a theatrical production. Through music, visuals and words Sun City II tells the story of three ages of progress that come at a price. 
Its an attempt to find new answers for ancient questions and its a plead for people to realise that the most radical changes stem from just one mind with one good idea.

     ' they say there is gonna be a revolution and it's gonna be fucking loud’

Concept: Jeek ten Velden & Ivo Schot
Director: Jeek ten Velden
Art Director: Frouke ten Velden
Music: Frank van Kasteren, Rutger Martens, Ivo Schot
Lyrics: Frank van Kasteren & Ivo Schot
Actress: Keja Klaasje Kwestro

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